Grimm Cluster Matches Tournaments

Providence, USA – AGP 07.2015 (Matches)

Round 3:
Ryan Vignetti (Alice) vs Ryan McKinney (Scheherazade Control)

Round 4:
Brian Jessing (Alice Six Sages) vs Ryan McKinney playing (Scheherazade Control)

Round 5:
Ryan Valentino (Scheherazade Control) vs Stephanie Shaw (Dark Pandora)

Round 6:
Tyrone Torres (Bahamut) vs Eriq Peraino (Scheherazade Control)

Round 7:
Oliver Tomajko (Abdul Control) vs Dave Pendergrass (Nameless Girl)

Round 8:
Tyrone Torres (Bahamut) vs Oliver Tomajko (Abdul Control)

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  • If you wouldn’t mind, could you correct the name on Match 6 to “Eriq Peraino”, I don’t know how they messed up my name that bad but Pervino sounds so bad. Thank you guys for preserving some history of this event. I wish they hadn’t deleted the article with the Top 16 lists cause I was featured in there. I almost beat Tyrone too, looking back it still makes me sad.

    • Sure thing Eriq!

      Thanks for the update. We will try to find the missing top9-16 list from the Providence AGP and post them here as well 😉

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