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The story so far (part one)

Chapter 1: New Valhalla

Who is the strongest amongst us?

This very question led the gods to ravage their own world in a never-ending war. Eventually, the gods were unleashed in their miniature world, named New Valhalla, accordingly, only start fighting yet again.

However, from amongst its inhabitants ten rulers arose to stand up against their destructive frenzy.

There was a being who refused his life to end in such an outcome. His name was Magna, and this event would end up being known as Ragnarok. He was able to escape to a world untainted by Ragnarok.

Little did he know about the effects his mere presence would set in motion there: Attoractia, the world of the Seven Kings.

Chapter 2: Attoractia

This distant land, where Magna managed to escape with his wounded body, is divided in seven kingdoms, each reigned by a monarch.

These are Niflheim, the Realm of the Dead; Leginus, the Mechanical City; the Heavenly Garden of Armalla; Certo, the Blazing Volcano; Sissey, the Ancient Forest; Gloria’s Castle Town; and Shangri-La, the Paradise of the Ocean.

In the centre of this world stands an entity of such proportions that can be seen from every corner: Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

Chapter 3: Vell-Savaria

In order to heal his damaged body, Magna created a place named Vell-Savaria, which meant “the memory of the gods” in the language of Valhalla.
However, strange presences, like spirits, ghosts, and even gods from other worlds, have begun to manifest. He attributed such appearances to his power and presence.

One day, a lady without memories arrived to Vell-Savaria. Was she coming from another world too? Without memories of her own, she could become a vessel for those.

After healing his body, Magna decided to leave Vell-Savaria to find the origin of those alien memories. And so he left his creation in the hands of Lenneth, the priestess of Vell-Savaria.

Not long after he left, someone went and infiltrated Vell-Savaria, a strange wizard who introduced himself as Alisaris. He had found the source of power that is responsible for the memories of other worlds. It was a giant tree.

Chapter 4: Yggdrasil

He saw a girl playing with animals near the base of the tree, who told him that its name was Yggdrasil.
This tree is the heart of Attoractia, and it can be seen from anywhere in this world. A single leaf from its branches is the essence of life itself.

Upon further investigation, he concluded that a part of Valhalla had arrived in that world. It had transformed the tree into a memory container.

Magna, and Magna alone, could use or remove them, so he did. He had removed memories from Yggdrasil in order to keep it stable and safe. He had stored those memories inside of magical objects, which are known as Regalia.

Chapter 5: Regalia

Magna’s Regalia is Genesis, it was the first he created and with the power of Genesis he created all other Regalias.

Those who can wield Regalias will be able to use these memories and the power of Valhalla that comes with them, only as long as Magna lives.
The Impact on the people of Attoractia will be immense, but the strongest will be even more affected.

However, Regalias aren’t the only magical objects with stored memories. Magna created a source of power to extract the memories of Yggdrasil. He called it a Memoria. This magic stone can also use the memories from Valhalla and combined with a Regalia they become an impressive force.

It seems that already someone not from Attoractia feels the power of Genesis and is searching for it …

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All the characters we met, all the stories we read and all the places we visited are just the icing on the cake. My favourite Ruler of all time is Valentina .