FoW Grimoire: Deck Builder

The Force of Will Community has long been without a deck builder or even a way to look at cards remotely. We at Geektopia Island saw this problem and we decided to fix it. We decided to make our own deck builder app called FoW Grimoire. This was definitely an experience, let me tell ya. Lots of testing, more testing, and even more testing. You know just like getting ready for a Grand Prix. Our app needed to be simple and straightforward or it wouldn’t work like we wanted. We sat down and brainstormed and put our brewing abilities to the test on how to make it happen.

We were on our way with a dream to make a reality. It started slow and rough in the beginning. The process was tedious, slow, and lots of revamping. We did however seem to catch a break a bit into it and it started to go faster. We did run into a few hiccups along the way, but it was nothing our IT guys couldn’t fix. Thanks IT guys! Haha

We all had used the FoW Compendium before and enjoyed its easy access to stuff. We wanted to make our as simple and easy to use as well. The major things we decided on for our app was to make sure it had a great card search, an easy to use deck builder, and most importantly, the ability to change the background color. The card search was the big thing we needed to make sure worked right. We wanted it to be clean and easy to use. We wanted to allow for almost any kind of search in FoW cards. You want elf, search it. You want converted mana cost of 3, search it. You want to hate life, and just search the whole color go for it! We did so much testing to make sure the search was right, and some still slipped by…..looking at you Bergel!!!! We finally got it how we liked it.

With card search sorted out we decided to move onto the deck builder. That took a few tries to get how we wanted it, but we finally got it working great and accessible. Thanks again IT guys. We wanted to make sure you can change the card numbers in the deck as you were looking at it. We as players always have last minute changes to the card numbers. Haha. We also wanted to include the number of each type of card, like 23 resonators, 14 spells, and so forth. Lastly, we made sure to include the changeable background of light or dark. You know some people like the different backgrounds to see things easier.

We have finally got FoW Grimoire out for both iOS and Android. So go check it out and look for it. It is definitely a useful tool for deck building. We do want to thank everyone for the love and support and we hope you enjoy the Grimoire as much as we do. If you are wanting to see any deck techs, gameplay, or other fun ideas drop by the channel and check it out.

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