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Online League Series – OLS 44 02.2021



3-0-0Minh HaRagnarok

Ragnarok, Invading Dragon Lord (EDL-096)

Magic Stone Deck: (10)
2x Magic Stone of Blasting Waves (TAT-094)
4x Magic Stone of Moon Shade (MPR-100)
2x Magic Stone of Scorched Bales (TAT-098)
2x Ruler’s Memoria (TTW-102)

Resonators: (18 of 42)
1x Dark Alice, Rabbit Princess (DBV-009)
1x Exorcist Mage at the Academy (EDL-003)
1x Sapling of the Treasure Tree (AOA-013)
1x Spirit of the Star (EDL-014)
1x Fire Servant of Ragnarok (EDL-026)
1x Groundsplitter Rabbit // Split Heaven and Earth (EDL-027)
1x Guinevere, the Jealous Queen (TTW-027)
1x Rukh Egg (TMS-029)
1x Thunder Wolf // Thunder (EDL-038)
1x Ushuah, the Swordsman of Eternal Flame (AOA-039)
1x Welser, the Archmage of Fire (WOM-042)
1x Water Servant of Ragnarok (EDL-054)
1x Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian (TSW-094)
1x Wind Servant of Ragnarok (EDL-076)
1x Faurecia, the Virtuous Vampire (AO3-067)
1x Magna’s Guardian Beast (SDAO2-025)
1x Sylvia, Minion of Lapis (PofA-110)
1x Kusanagi Motoko (SOUVENIR-038)

Chants: (15 of 42)
1x Burning Rabbit Dash (EDL-021)
1x Thunder (CMF-038)
1x Ayu’s Swordstrike (ADK-063)
1x Spinning Aquasol (ACN-081)
1x Faurecia’s Journey (AO3-035)
1x Monstrous Rush (EDL-066)
1x Rapid Growth (VIN003-055)
1x Wall of Wind (TMS-064)
1x Evil Elemental Uprising (TSW-128)
1x Look of Corruption (NDR-093)
1x The Battle Comes to an End, and Then… (EDL-091)
1x A Heroic Epic for the Thousandth Night (WOM-109)
1x Burning Rush! (AO2-039)
1x Seal of Wind and Light (TMS-089)
1x The Last Secret Sword (AO3-085)

Additions: (2 of 42)
1x Altea, Nation of Dark Magics (CFC-035)
1x Schrödinger (PofA-105)

Regalia: (7 of 42)
1x Deathscythe (AO3-065)
1x Unknown Mother Goose (PofA-115)
1x Deathscythe, the Life Reaper (SKL-096)
1x Gleipnir, the Red Binding of Fate (SKL-098)
1x Heavenly Instrument, Hydromonica (TMS-092)
1x Horn of Sacred Beasts (SKL-099)
1x Marybell, the Steel Doll (SKL-100)

Side Deck: (15)
1x Artemis, the God’s Bow (SKL-095)
1x Flute, Captive Dragonoid Child // Group of Comets (EDL-004)
1x Light Servant of Ragnarok (EDL-006)
1x Mourning Angel (AO3-013)
1x Pier, the Godspeed Archer (AO3-014)
1x White Leaf (WOM-019)
1x Zero, the King’s Blade (ENW-016)
1x Foresee (SKL-039)
1x Mirage, Fantasy Guide // Foresee (EDL-049)
1x Altesing, Mischievous Boy // A Glimpse of the Prodigy (EDL-058)
1x Elixir, Crest Researcher // Research Results (EDL-060)
1x Magic Crest of Wind (ADK-105)
1x Spirit of the Soil // Loamy Soil (EDL-069)
1x Neo Barrier of Shadows (ENW-077)
1x Barrier Seal (LEL-045)

2-1-0Andrew LabreMikage Seijuro

Mikage Seijuro, Interdimensional Messenger (EDL-088) //
Mikage Seijuro, Interdimensional Messenger [J-ruler] (EDL-088J)

Magic Stone Deck: (10)
6x Darkness Magic Stone (CMF-101)
4x Magic Stone of Black Silence (CMF-096)

Resonators: (22 of 40)
2x Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian (TSW-094)
2x Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness (VIN003-061)
2x Athenia, Sealed God of the Ruins (SNV-083)
2x Disgraced Knight (NDR-089)
4x Lailah, Maiden of the Swamps (AOA-092)
4x Mikage Reiya (AO3-046)
2x Residents of the Black City (AO3-051)
4x Tsuiya, Cursed Spawn of the Star // Curse of Ragnarok (EDL-094)

Chants: (18 of 40)
4x Lapis’ Dark Storm (BFA-070)
4x Look of Corruption (NDR-093)
3x March of the Dead (SNV-092)
3x Soulhunt (SKL-079)
4x A Part of True Power (AO3-055)

Side Deck: (15)
2x Destruction of the Portal (ADK-091)
3x Final Forfeit (TTW-058)
3x Last Days of a Powerless Dragonoid (TSW-093)
2x Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian (TSW-094)
2x Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness (VIN003-061)
3x Evil Elemental Uprising (TSW-128)

2-1-0Mike RanceAimul

Princess of Fleeting Hope (TSW-022) //
Aimul, Princess of Despair (TSW-022J)

Magic Stone Deck: (10)
1x Almerius, the Levitating Stone (TAT-091)
1x Little Red, the Pure Stone (MPR-098)
4x Magic Stone of Light Vapors (TAT-097)
4x Magic Stone of Radiant Waves (VIN003-091)

Resonators: (23 of 40)
4x Dark Alice, Rabbit Princess (DBV-009)
4x Exorcist Mage at the Academy (EDL-003)
4x Flute, Captive Dragonoid Child // Group of Comets (EDL-004)
3x Mephistopheles (TSW-018) // Mephistopheles [Inverse] (TSW-018$)
4x Silmeria, Summoner of Spirits // Dance of Spirits (EDL-012)
4x Traveler in Wonderland (SDAO1-030)

Chants: (16 of 40)
4x Intimidation (PofA-001)
4x March of Saints (TAT-011)
4x Schrödinger’s Cry (PofA-007)
4x Spinning Aquasol (ACN-081)

Additions: (1 of 40)
1x Starlit Canopy (EDL-016)

Side Deck: (15)
2x Deathscythe, the Life Reaper (SKL-096)
2x Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table (TTW-003)
2x Dream of Juliet (CMF-004)
2x Zero, the King’s Blade (ENW-016)
3x Keez’s Call (ACN-069)
4x Gloria’s Round Table (AO3-069)
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