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Genesis Reboot

UPDATE APRIL 2nd, 2021

Starting life total changed to 6000 (previously only multiplayer games started with 6000 life total)

Now this is an article we wanted to write for some time now. The preliminary work has been done and thus we are finally able to tell you about a very interesting new project we decided to start, namely a reboot of the Genesis format!


First up, an introduction to Genesis for anyone who still hasn’t heard about the format. Genesis was created by Jem Perks back in 2015 and is an Origin/Bifrost singleton format, where every set is legal to play but to counteract that, each card in the main deck must have a different name.

The fact that Origin/Bifrost says “doesn’t use the Lifebreak ability”, does not mean you can’t use cards which use [Break].
Let’s have a look at Will-o’-the-Wisp (1-023) for example:

You simply disregard the line which states: [Break] …
In this case skipping the line: “[Break] Choose a resonator in your graveyard and put it into your hand.

But wait! Don’t we already have a 60-card singleton format?!

Actually yes, but Genesis differs from Epic Stories by not playing with two rulers (apart from the new Six Sages, which will be allowed in Genesis), but also by not having any color restrictions.

Not forcing color identity (you can only use cards that have the same color(s) as your rulers) allows for more deck diversity. It might be less wacky than Epic Stories, but also less degenerate.

For more information about the Epic Stories format, check out this article.


In order to make the banlist as lightweight as possible, we decided to make some changes next to the existing Genesis rules:

· 60 cards in Main Deck

Changed from the original 40 cards limit.

· 15 cards in Magic Stone Deck

Changed from the original 10 cards limit.

· Starting life total is 6000

Starting life total is 6000 (previously only multiplayer games started with 6000 life total).

· Best-of-1

Only one game played to decide the winner.

· No Lifebreak mechanic

· No sideboard

However, outside cards are available for use in order to make the following cards playable:

· Valentina, Plotting Lord of the Seas (TTW-045) // Overlord of the Seven Lands, Valentina (TTW-045J)
· Lilias Petal, Agent of Salvation (LEL-069) // The Nine-Tailed Fox (LEL-069J)
· Book of Light (ENW-004) // Re-Earth, New World Fairy Tale (ENW-004J)
· Book of Dark (ENW-071) // Lapistory, Subjugation Fairy Tale (ENW-071J)
· Neo Ragnarok (DBV-049)
· Shiva, God of Destruction (DBV-100)
· Leginus, the City of Science (AO2-011)
· Lenneth, the Dark Priestess (PofA-061)
· The Origin of the Seven Lands (PofA-112)
· Princess Kaguya // Flying Bamboo (MSW-008)

Only Seven Kings rulers from Alice Origin are allowed to be used with The Origin of the Seven Lands (PofA-112).

· Extra Deck 3 cards total

Instead of the official 5 cards limit.
The card Ruined Story (TSW-146) is NOT allowed in Extra Deck.

· Rune Deck 3 cards total

Instead of the official 5 cards limit.

· Stranger Deck 5 cards total

Instead of the official 10 cards limit.

We believe these changes will make degenerate combos harder to pull off and create a whole new challenge for players as they must try to create consistency in new ways when they build and be able to handle higher variance in-game when they play.


Speaking of banlist, since we’re doing a reboot, we decided to start with a clean and almost empty list.
This means we will only have two entries for now, both being the existing singleton rulers we know in Force of Will:

That’s it! All other cards are legal to play … but keep in mind that we will be updating our banlist when necessary to keep the format healthy.

Final words

Having a platform like fowlibrary helps immensely and we will make good use of this by providing a steady flow of Genesis related articles and deck lists (which we will handily label with the ‘Genesis’ category).

Not only that but stay tuned for a first implementation of a real Genesis player rating list!

All in all we are extremely excited about Genesis and we hope you will enjoy the format as much as we do!

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