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The Magic Stone War Novel – UPDATED

Presented by:

Reiya Yorukaze & Jan Asberger

Edited by:

Mauro Ferreiro & cybernijntje

Once upon a time,

in the Multi-verse of Force of Will Lores, a Heroic Wizard named Welser detected an otherworldly presence heading towards his homeworld, Re-Earth. The mage, rallying his six sages to prepare themselves for this catastrophic threat against their homeworld, headed out along with the Dimensional Brigade to confront the demonic visitor, Wolfgang.


Millennia ago, this Re-Earth survived the invasion of an interdimensional Dragon God – Ragnarok. After the battle, one of the surviving heroes, Welser, decided to study the art of the now ancient magic, after mastering the power of the magic crests with the help of Elixir.

While he was studying he discovered a time rift, which teleported him almost 4000 years into the future and a hundred years prior to the invasion that would change everything. It wasn’t the same world for him anymore. Everyone he once knew was gone. Everyone he loved had died over the years.

He settled in a small remote town and after some time took on a few apprentices of which he knew they were descendants of his former students at Lykeion, his Academy which was closed after it was clear that Welser wouldn’t return. These Students will be known as the legendary Six Sages as their story unfolds.

[Grusbalesta and Magic Stone Lab]

The Magic Stone Research Institute Lab was Elixir’s legacy, she founded this in memoriam of the love of her life. Unlike Lykeion, this institute survived the millennia just fine, even if some parts got changed. With the help of the Magic Stone Lab, the people of Re-Earth understood more of the magic stones they had found on their world.
Currently in charge of the Institute is the main scientist of the Six Sages, Grusbalesta.

 He comes from a long family line of excellent researchers. Grusbalesta is a remote descendant of one of the Five heroes, Selesta.

As Grusbalesta researches the magic stones which are in the lab, he finds out that the magical power of the magic stones are increasing day by day, as if they are resonating with something far beyond of their knowledge and understanding. Grusbalesta is sure that it is a bad sign, so he reports it to Welser with haste.

As Welser receives the report, he gathers his sages and shares his thoughts with them. The mage worries that these magic stones are resonating with something out of their imagination, maybe even out of their world, perhaps even a greater threat than the Dragon God – Ragnarok he once faced millennials before. Therefore, he appoints Almerius to be the leader of the Six Sages and sends them out to get help and prepare for the worst.

As their teacher instructed, Grusbalesta heads out to visit his old friend, the spirit fox Lilias Petal, in order to persuade him in assisting against the upcoming threat.

[Almerius and the Spirit Village]

“Hmmm, no choice then, Let’s go, everyone!”

Almerius decides to travel to the Spirit Village to undertake the trials of the spirits in order to gain their spiritual aid in defending the world from the unknown threats.

“Spirits can provide guidance or trials;
they can impart knowledge, but are also very capricious, or may be hiding in darkness.
In other words, spirits are everywhere in this world.”

As Almerius passed the trials, the spirits entrusted their knowledge, aid, and power to Almerius, to help face the upcoming threat which will appear on their homeworld.

[Zero the Sage in apprentice]

“Hmph, ‘Apprentice Sage’, and all I do is serving tea.
I wonder when the master will finally teach me magic?!”

Zero is the most recent addition to the Six Sages, whom Welser took under his wings after Fiethsing insisted, as she saw the potential in her as a Sage. Welser assigned Zero to be the first ‘apprentice’ Sage. She is usually accompanied by an owl as her familiar. Her magic power shines in her when angered.

[Moojdart and Milest, the Magic of Trust and Love]

These two Sages are known for their harmonic synergy as teammates and partners.

Moojdart’s water magic is very graceful, while Milest’s fire magic is a little bit clumsy.

Even though they could not be more further apart from each other, they are helplessly attracted to each other. Their trust and love have built over time as they both got to know each other better, and they are determined to protect each other at all costs.

The couple is temporary separated from each other to accept their spiritual trials of fire and water as suggested by their teacher. However, both of them already sense the tragedy that looms over them.

[Fiethsing, the Sage of Wind]

“Nobody can predict where the wind will go.”

This talented, yet carefree, Sage of wind Fiethsing, used her time to travel to the forest of wind spirits in an attempt to make friends with the wind spirits. No one is sure whether that’s her way of cheating instead of taking the trials… only she knows.


Welser realizes the “Visitor” has come earlier than he expected. Welser instructs Zero to meet up with the other Sages to pass them a specific special magic stones for every Sage while they are taking their trials. He also sends a message, asking them to take care of everything if anything happens to him.

[Scheherazade and Dimensional Brigade]

From an unknown location outside of Re-Earth, there is a group of wanderers named Dimensional Brigade. In this brigade there is a wanderer magician, Scheherazade, who used to observe the worlds with her magical tome that tracks the stories of the worlds from the past and the future. These wanderers watch over the worlds to maintain balance as they know the possible outcome of a peaceful story.

[The Aid of a Distant Friend]

 Normally the Dimensional Brigade does not interact in events that often, as they just moderate that everything follows as written peaceful outcomes. However, this invader brings threats far beyond what Re-Earth itself can withstand. It may potentially threaten the other worlds too.

Scheherazade chooses to break the silence and steps into Re-Earth to provide her power to aid in this situation. She grabs her magical tome, “One Thousand and One Nights,” heads towards Re-Earth, and joins Welser to face this uninvited guest together.

[An Uninvited Visitor]

The Demon prince Wolfgang has arrived at Re-Earth. As he was welcomed by the two mages, he spoke to both of them calmly:

“Residents of this world, don’t be alarmed.
I don’t want to be here, but I need the power of the magic stones.”

Although Wolfgang offered so, Welser and Scheherazade refuse his offer as they both are worried about the dreadful auras which are spreading from the tome in Wolfgang’s hand.

Wolfgang’s face turns frustrated and tells the mages:

Then you leave me no choices but to then take what I need by force.

Welser and Scheherazade attempt to stop whatever Wolfgang wanted to do, but it is seemingly too late.

Wolfgang has channelled a large portal above the city. A countless number of Outer worldly invaders, Cthulhus, rush out from the portal.

Both Welser and Scheherazade are trying their best to stop Wolfgang from channelling through the portal. With Scheherazade’s otherworldly allies, the Fairy Tales, Welser is able to successfully unleash his final power to banish Wolfgang away and stop the portal from sustaining from their world.

However, the portal itself has brought a menacing amount of Cthulhus into their world, and both mages are already overly exhausted from the battle but continue to fight on.

Welser decides to pass his final lecture and the current situation to his beloved Six Sages to carry on his legacy to protect their world.

Welser vanishes as he finishes his spell.

Scheherazade uses her power “Perfect Story” to blur the lines between story and reality. She summons a Fairy Tale Moon besides Re-Earth and releases the nemesis of the demonic invaders, Fairy Tales resonators, into Re-Earth. They are meant to aid the locals which helped to fend off the Cthulhus after leaving their homelands, but now forced to retreat to their hideout to heal their wounds.

But hope is not lost yet, as a little fairy tale rabbit sits at the end of the hill and this is a sure sign that “she” will soon appear.

[Gathering of the Six Sages]

“Each of the Six Sages is completely different in personality, quality and magic. The only thing they have in common is that they revere Welser.”

Moments before the portal is unleashed, Zero manages to gather her seniors and hands over the magic stones which Welser made for them. In the middle of their short rest during the gathering, the Sages receive a magical message from Welser where he informs them about his sacrifice and the current situation of their homeworld.

Hopefully, the Six will carry on his legacy and continue to protect the world alongside their otherworldly allies, the Fairy Tales.

[The Tales of the Princess Kaguya]

The invasion is commencing ceaselessly. Their highest in rank, Nyarlathotep, the Outer God, leads the Great Old One along with countless deeper ones trampling around Re-Earth. The Six Sages are struggling to fend these Outer beings with the help of Fairy Tales;

The war heats up and corpses on both sides start piling up endlessly as the six sages and the local defenders move towards the places that still can be saved. All of a sudden, there are divine light beams from above traveling towards the Cthulhu horde.

A lady figure with otherworldly clothes descends from the source of the said magic.
She shouts to the six sages:

”I’m Princess Kaguya of the Fairy Tales, as heed to Magician – Scheherazade’s call, I’m here to aid you against this foul invasion.”

How will the War go on and what kind of aid does this “Kaguya” provide to end these magic stone wars?

Stay tuned for further story updates, and the story Magic Stone War – Zero concludes here.

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