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Genesis – Banlists update 04.2021

Welcome back everyone!

As we mentioned in our original post about the Genesis format, we decided to start with an almost empty banlist in which only Ayu, Lunar Swordswoman (ADK-060) // Ayu, Shaman Swordswoman (ADK-060J) and Ragnarok, Invading Dragon Lord (EDL-096) were banned …

… until Lars Grams (Pl0x on Discord), broke the format 😂

Before we discuss the changes to our orginal banlist, let us have a look at his deck which led us to make these changes:

Lars Grams

Lucifer (SDV5-011) //
Lucifer, Fallen Angel of Sorrow (SDV5-011J)

Magic Stone Deck: (15)
1x Darkness Magic Stone (CMF-101)
1x Epic Stone of the Blood (EDL-097)
1x Killing Stone (LEL-097)
1x Magic Stone of Black Silence (CMF-096)
1x Magic Stone of Dark Depth (TAT-095)
1x Magic Stone of Deep Wood (CMF-097)
1x Magic Stone of Gusting Skies (TAT-096)
1x Magic Stone of Heaven’s Rift (CMF-100)
1x Magic Stone of Murky Waters (VIN003-088)
1x Magic Stone of Purgatory (VIN003-090)
1x Magic Stone of Scorched Bales (TAT-098)
1x Magic Stone of the Undead (NDR-109)
1x Null Magic Stone (TSW-149)
1x Shadowy Light Magic Stone (VIN003-094)
1x The Magic Stone of the Six Sages (MSW-102)

Rune Deck: (6 Divinity)
1x Invitation to Purgatory (DBV-079)
1x Power of Immortality (SNV-095)
1x Undeath (SDV5-020)

Resonators: (21 of 60)
1x Pier, the Godspeed Archer (AO3-014)
1x Silmeria, Summoner of Spirits // Dance of Spirits (EDL-012)
1x Guinevere, the Jealous Queen (TTW-027)
1x Spirit of Knowledge (MSW-046)
1x Umr-At-Tawil (ENW-051)
1x Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian (TSW-094)
1x Rachel, the Ancient Library Researcher (TSW-103)
1x Viviane, the Envoy of Rebirth (WOM-082)
1x Wind Servant of Ragnarok (EDL-076)
1x Demonic Dead (ENW-074)
1x Lucifer, Leader of the Fallen Angels (DBV-081)
1x Mikage Reiya (AO3-046)
1x Pumpkin Witch (CMF-088)
1x Tsuiya, Cursed Spawn of the Star // Curse of Ragnarok (EDL-094)
1x Alice, Zeus Incarnate (DBV-091)
1x Athenia, Deity of Harvest and Corruption (DBV-092)
1x Faurecia, the Virtuous Vampire (AO3-067)
1x Kaguya, Sealed God of the Moon (DBV-095)
1x Perfect Loki (DBV-098)
1x Satan, God of the Fallen (DBV-099)
1x Sigurd, the Covenant King (AO3-082)

Chants: (27 of 60)
1x A Duet of Light (MSW-001)
1x Release (ENW-010)
1x Ayu’s Swordstrike (ADK-063)
1x Keez’s Call (ACN-069)
1x Absolute Cake Zone (CMF-058)
1x Faerur’s Spell (ACN-096)
1x Faurecia’s Journey (AO3-035)
1x Law of Silence (CMF-071)
1x Otherworld Dreams (ADK-106)
1x Planting Beans (LEL-031)
1x Severing Winds (ENW-063)
1x True Blade of Spirits (ADK-113)
1x Wall of Wind (TMS-064)
1x Xeex the Ancient Magic (TAT-072)
1x A Duet of Darkness (MSW-066)
1x Blazer’s Art of Slaughter (PofA-049)
1x Dark Alice’s Smile (PofA-052)
1x Look of Corruption (NDR-093)
1x March of the Dead (SNV-092)
1x Moan of the Dead (AO3-047)
1x Soulhunt (SKL-079)
1x The Nameless Mist (CFC-083)
1x The Scorn of Dark Alice (VIN003-074)
1x A Part of True Power (AO3-055)
1x Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly (LEL-068)
1x Satan’s Phantasmal Body // Flame of Outer World (MSW-091)
1x Seal of Wind and Light (TMS-089)

Additions: (11 of 60)
1x Altesing’s Secret Hideout (EDL-059)
1x Leaves of Yggdrasil (MOA-035)
1x Magic Crest of Wind (ADK-105)
1x Miracle Millennia Medicine (RDE-028)
1x The Village of the Spirited Away, Kouga (NDR-079)
1x Book of Eibon (MOA-042)
1x Neo Barrier of Shadows (ENW-077)
1x Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100)
1x Schrödinger (PofA-105)
1x The Kingdom of Diversity, Light Palace (WOM-117)
1x Wetlands of Magical Origin (LEL-094)

Regalia: (1 of 60)
1x Horn of Sacred Beasts (SKL-099)

So what does this deck do exactly?

The reason why we decided to publish our banlists, is because of the following combo:

  1. Play Invitation to Purgatory (DBV-079) from Rune Deck and use the Red and Black will to pay for:
  2. Search for Satan, God of the Fallen (DBV-099) and remove it from the game with a fallen counter on it
  3. Search for Demonic Dead (ENW-074) and put it into your graveyard
  4. Search for Sigurd, the Covenant King (AO3-082) and put it into your graveyard
  5. Play Undeath (SDV5-020) from Rune Deck targeting Sigurd, the Covenant King (AO3-082) and put it into play
  6. Sigurd, the Covenant King (AO3-082)‘s Enter ability triggers, which searches for a Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100) and puts it into play
  7. Keep looping Demonic Dead (ENW-074) by paying 500 life each time and sacrificing it to Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100)
  8. Continue with the loop above until you have 7 offering counters on Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100)
  9. Banish Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100), search for Umr-At-Tawil (ENW-051) and put it into play
  10. Umr-At-Tawil (ENW-051)‘s Enter ability triggers, which searches for the following cards: Altesing’s Secret Hideout (EDL-059), Schrödinger (PofA-105) and Pumpkin Witch (CMF-088)
  11. Schrödinger (PofA-105)‘s Enter ability triggers, which targets Umr-At-Tawil (ENW-051)
  12. Umr-At-Tawil (ENW-051)‘s Enter ability triggers, which searches for the following cards: Pier, the Godspeed Archer (AO3-014), The Kingdom of Diversity, Light Palace (WOM-117) and Alice, Zeus Incarnate (DBV-091)
  13. Attack with all resonators, keeping in mind that Alice, Zeus Incarnate (DBV-091) has over 200 Races herself and therefore all your resonators will get +20000/+20000 (that’s PLUS TWENTY THOUSAND) at the very least, thanks to Kingdom of Diversity, Light Palace (WOM-117) (too lazy to figure out how many Races there currently are in the game) to attack for lethal

Now that was fun and interactive, wasn’t it?

The new banlists and our reasoning behind them

Do check out the underscored “s” character, because this is an important change to our original banlist.
From now on, there will be two banlists; one for the main deck, and one for the additional deck.

This additional deck not only includes Extra/Rune/Stranger deck cards, but also includes these cards with “outside of game” effects:
· Valentina, Plotting Lord of the Seas (TTW-045) // Overlord of the Seven Lands, Valentina (TTW-045J)
· Lilias Petal, Agent of Salvation (LEL-069) // The Nine-Tailed Fox (LEL-069J)

· Book of Light (ENW-004) // Re-Earth, New World Fairy Tale (ENW-004J)
· Book of Dark (ENW-071) // Lapistory, Subjugation Fairy Tale (ENW-071J)
· Neo Ragnarok (DBV-049)
· Shiva, God of Destruction (DBV-100)
· Leginus, the City of Science (AO2-011)
· Lenneth, the Dark Priestess (PofA-061)
· The Origin of the Seven Lands (PofA-112)
· Princess Kaguya // Flying Bamboo (MSW-008)

This way we are able to keep certain cards in-check when they get out of control, without having to ban them immediately.

These are the changes which will take effect on Sunday, April 18th, 2021:


Ayu, Lunar Swordswoman (ADK-060) // Ayu, Shaman Swordswoman (ADK-060J)
Ragnarok, Invading Dragon Lord (EDL-096)
Umr-At-Tawil (ENW-051)


Invitation to Purgatory (DBV-079)

This means that although Invitation to Purgatory (DBV-079) is banned from the Rune Deck, you are still allowed to play it in your main deck since the card is a Chant/Rune.

Why did Umr get banned?

TLDR: Umr-At-Tawil (ENW-051) is just too strong for the format once it resolves.

Even though banning Umr seems to be the most logical solution, we also discussed the following cards as well:

Demonic Dead (ENW-074) seems degenerate, but even without this card the combo can be pulled off rather easily, thanks to Oath of Dead (1-182), a forgotten card from the original Valhalla cluster (which wasn’t played by Lars).

The other two cards Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100) and Sigurd, the Covenant King (AO3-082), although extremely powerful, do allow for more interesting play lines and as such didn’t need to be banned.

Final words

Even though Umr-At-Tawil (ENW-051) is now gone from the format, this doesn’t mean that it will never be allowed to return.
We will keep monitoring all Genesis tournaments to see if there are any cards breaking the format, or even cards entering the format which could potentially nullify cards which are on our banlists.

Until then have fun with our rebooted Genesis format!

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