Ravings of a Lunatic #18: Wander where you ask?

So, the news came out today from Eye Spy (or whenever I wrote this),

To quote them directly:

“Through feedback from players, we understand that many of you are playing the Wanderer format, but have been disappointed for the lack of official Wanderer tournaments. Therefore, we have been secretly monitoring the Wanderer scene and will be updating the Wanderer ban list accordingly. However, this takes time and we hope you can be patient with us and rest assured that the company is supporting the Wanderer format.

As a motion to kick start the players’ interest in Wanderer, we have decided to increase the Promo cards for the Wanderer League, and we will continue to monitor the Wanderer format to include Promo cards of the popular cards that many players are using, so that everyone will have easy access to them!

Sharing another piece of good news, we will be increasing the number of official Wanderer tournaments, so you will be able to see future GPs with Wanderer formats. (Sharing another piece of info that I shouldn’t be sharing, we might even see Wanderer formats in the WGP!!)

As there are numerous cards that can be used in Wanderer, we will take some time before publishing the updated Wanderer Ban List, and we will be committed to continue to update it with the release of future sets, so look forward to it!”

They also updated the banned list to be the same as the European banlist, for now. 

Back in Ravings #14 I talked about how to grow a community.  That is one of the reasons I have been absent lately.  I opened a store and started running force.  Our community is now well over 20 players, and we average 12-15 each Saturday.  Which format do I run?  Wanderer of course.  The fun part is, aside from 3 players, everyone is new.  For over 2 months we have been firing 3 and 4 round events and paying out almost a box a week. 

The average new player has spent less than $50 on their decks to boot.  I have a lot of old starters and the singles from the first 4 clusters aren’t too expensive.  It’s a case study in how to grow a game.  It also helps that I have access to a ton of demo decks.  Most people are just in the store, and I toss them a deck and say, try it, then if you like it grab a starter and play.

We pay out 2 packs a head and a ton of promos.  Everyone gets a pack, which is important when you are fostering a community and want it to grow.  If a store only pays out to the top players, they are doing it wrong.  Some players just finish toward the bottom all the time and others want to just have fun and play meme decks.  In either case, for them to continue to play and have fun they need to grow their collection and not feel bad for never winning an event.  This is one reason to give something to all your players.

Not that I will say my ranting about Wanderer actually did anything to make the company decide to love the format a little more, but imagining I helped makes it more fun.  The real credit goes to the EU committee, Dennis and FOW Library, and the guys that do Conqueror.  By the keeping the general format alive and in the light of day it has shown that there is a lot of interest in it and helps the game.  The fact that most of the stuff that would have to be done to support it is low cost is a bonus as well.

The fact that they are giving us more promos and even talking about GPs and WPGs including the format is just gravy,

And no, you can’t talk about the low attendance at that one GP in Atlantic City a few years ago.  That was a fluke.  If we really want to know if a Wanderer GP is viable, it shouldn’t be ran in a high price area on a coast.  It has to be more centrally located and accessible, or even online.  And in was in New Jersey to boot. 

I’m not saying we need to run one next week, just like Eye Spy said, it will take time to determine what will actually work.  Besides, with a resurgence in Covid and the last in person GP being a bit low on numbers, we might be a way off from anything real big for a while.

I just thought I’d get my thoughts out on the topic while it’s still fresh.  So, not a long rant today.

But thanks for stopping by and reading,

Dan Rowland
Top Scrub

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