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Sascha’s winning Dante & Carlina deck profile from GP Cergy

Hey, my name is Sascha Jedlicka and today I bring you my very first article for FoW Library, featuring my winning deck profile from GP Cergy 2021 – Dante & Carlina Turbo Vergil.

1st PlaceSascha JedlickaCarlina & Dante


Dante, Fallen Angel (TST-054) //
Dante, Fallen Angel [J-Ruler] (TST-054J)

Carlina (TST-075) //
Carlina [J-Ruler] (TST-075J)

Magic Stone Deck: (10)
1x Imaginary Satan, Magic Crystal (TST-097)
3x Magic Stone of Black Silence (AO3-090)
1x Magic Stone of Heaven’s Rift (PofA-123)
1x Magic Stone of Scorched Bales (SDAO1-035)
4x The Magic Stone of the Six Sages (MSW-102)

Resonators: (25 of 40)
3x Izanami, the God of Life (AO1-007)
1x Altesing, Mischievous Boy // A Glimpse of the Prodigy (EDL-058)
2x Fallen Angel of Black Tears (TST-055)
4x Mikage Reiya (AO3-046)
3x The Witch of the Fallen Kingdom (ADW-072)
4x Vergilius, Rebel against Satan (TST-063)
4x Geryon (TST-084)
3x Griphon, Racing Across Darkness (AO3-070)
1x Megaera, Jealous Fury (TST-087)

Chants: (12 of 40)
4x Astema’s Wrath (TST-047)
2x A Part of True Power (AO3-055)
4x Light of Raze and Revive (AO1-059)
2x Number Thirteen, Anti-Magic (ADW-088)

Additions: (3 of 40)
2x Castle of Beatrice (TST-078)
1x Castle of Carlina (TST-080)

Side Deck: (15)
1x Satan (TST-094)
3x Attendant of Asmodeus (TST-035)
3x Brad, Masked Mage (TST-036)
2x Witch with a Pointy Hat (ADW-060)
1x Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness // Dark Pulse (MSW-068)
3x The Battle Comes to an End, and Then… (EDL-091)
1x The Witch of the Fallen Kingdom (ADW-072)
1x Castle of Carlina (TST-080)

First of all a big shoutout to Ryan Miles who played a similar list a week prior to my event. You can see his deck video here. I didn’t think about the Griphon, Racing Across Darkness (AO3-070) and A Part of True Power (AO3-055) package. First I thought it was a meme but after a bit of testing I quite enjoyed it. As a former Fox player, the idea to get a turn one Griphon with The Magic Stone of the Six Sages (MSW-102) on the draw (and if you want, uncounterable spells and drawing two cards with Carlina (TST-075) // Carlina [J-Ruler] (TST-075J)‘s God’s Art), while having a backup plan if my Vergilius, Rebel against Satan (TST-063) are gone seemed quite good.

The plan for the deck is pretty straightforward. Against every matchup except Belial (TST-073) // Belial [J-Ruler] (TST-073J) you call a stone with Carlina on turn one and Judgment Dante, Fallen Angel (TST-054) // Dante, Fallen Angel [J-Ruler] (TST-054J) into Vergilius, Rebel against Satan (TST-063). If your opponent has The Witch of the Fallen Kingdom (ADW-072), you either play your second copy of Vergil from hand, or have an out like Geryon (TST-084) / Fallen Angel of Black Tears (TST-055) and start swinging face.

Against Belial you normally call a stone with Dante first. If it’s a Six Sages stone you still get your Vergil and if not, you go for Vergil next turn to have mana up to get rid of tokens from cards like Swarming Cthulhu (TST-020) or Burning Rabbit Dash (EDL-021).

For the following turns you just try to reduce your opponent’s life points to zero with Vergil. If the opponent manages to kill Vergil, you just put him back in the field with Izanami, the God of Life (AO1-007) (this is an activated ability which goes very well with Carlina) or A Part of True Power.
During this tournament, most of my games went this way and the matches where done in like 20 minutes. This shows how damn strong Vergil is, especially with the mana surplus from Carlina when hitting a Six Sages stone.

Against Decks like Violet, Atomic Automaton (ADW-030) // Violet, Atomic Automaton [J-Ruler] (ADW-030J) or Moojdart (MSW-042) // Moojdart [J-ruler] (MSW-042J) & Fiethsing (MSW-053) // Fiethsing [J-ruler] (MSW-053J), which become stronger the more cards they see from their deck, the gameplan changes more to a turbo Stan win condition. Kill both your rulers as soon as possible and get Satan (TST-094). The important thing to remember here is that, before activating Satan’s God’s Art, you put as much stuff on the chase to backup your Satan token for the next turn. This works because cards on the chase aren’t in your hand anymore, so being the last thing on the chase the Godart resolves first – which gets rid of everything both players have – and after that the remaining cards resolve. Cards to consider for this are either Mikage Reiya (AO3-046) (after Satan got rid of Castle of Beatrice (TST-078) in the grave to get A Part of True Power, since you’re able to target cards again), playing a Vergil from hand, playing Astema’s Wrath (TST-047) to search for any card you want and get the 3 mana back, or playing Light of Raze and Revive (AO1-059) to get a Vergil back which got removed from Satan since it doesn’t target… or just as much of all this as possible ^^

Light of Raze and Revive was imo the second best card after Vergil in this list, as it did so much work either going with the synergy of Satan’s God’s Art by removing my opponents’ Vergil and additions like Lykeion, the Magic Academy (EDL-062) or Castle of Belial (TST-079), or by just being a pseudo counter against The Battle Comes to an End, and Then… (EDL-091).

During my games I often found it quite hard to find the right timing to use Satan’s God’s Art and be assured to win with it. So in some games where I already had enough stones, I just swapped my dead rulers with Satan to get rid of the one card per turn limitation of Carlina and played my “Reiya into A Part of True Power into Gryphon” line without ever using Satan’s God’s Art. This worked surprisingly well against Belial and Moojdart & Fiethsing decks.

I hope you got a good hint how the deck works, as it was very fun to play and I didn’t realise all the play lines this deck is capable of until the GP itself, which made me enjoy this deck even more.

Last but not least I want to thank JPK, Lars Grams and Philip Chybiorz for testing and putting my deck together the way I played it.

Thank you for reading =)

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