Website Statistics and Facts revisited: A 2021 Study

It’s the start of 2022 and another year passed by, our first full year of being part of the Force of Will community (we started in August of 2020). Time for (another) in-depth look at what happened during the past year.

First off, let’s have a look at the overall website statistics:

The reason why the value of ‘New Users’ is higher than that of ‘Users’ is caused by a quirk of Google Analytics tracking: at midnight, all active sessions are restarted for the new day (this typically happens with websites with global appeal like fowlibrary).

We had a whopping 107,681 pageviews in 2021, which were generated by 24,107 sessions. The average amount of pages opened by each session was 4.47 and each of these sessions were generated by a total of 8,758 visitors from around the world!

So where are all our visitors coming from? Here are the top-25 countries from which visitors came to our website:

Most of our visitors come from the United States (which is also the main reason why we decided to move our cloud instances to a datacenter on their east coast), accounting for almost half of the total sessions (44.32%), followed by Germany (9.52%) and Italy (9.20%). Complementing the top-5 are Spain and France, with 5.94% and 5.89% respectively. Keep in mind that these countries are where most GP’s are held, so it makes sense for them to have higher traffic.

In order to understand the starting point of our visitors, let’s analyse the channel statistics to see on which social network platforms our appearance is making the biggest impact:

The Force of Will Global Facebook group is absolutely the biggest platform with 81.68%, followed by Reddit (with 9.94%). It will be interesting to see how the other platforms will turn out at the end of this year. We started collaborating with Ruler School TCG and so far things are looking very promising with almost 3% (2.72%) of all sessions coming from YouTube! Also, we didn’t really expect Twitter to have such an impact for us and we will be looking into ways of promoting fowlibrary on that platform.

So what is the most interesting observation from the graph above? Well, we can see a MASSIVE peak on Tuesday, March 30th. On this day we had 7,376 pageviews, caused by none other than our Easter Egg competition. Here players could win a set of all 5 New Valhalla starter decks (English version), as well as complete sets of all 5 Reiya Cluster TSW Rulers (also in English).

But let’s focus on the MOST IMPORTANT part of this article, which is that everything we’ve seen so far was only possible thanks to a group of people who were willing to invest their time and energy by writing down their stories and knowledge to share with the rest of our Force of Will community!

We would like to thank, in alphabetical order:

  • Alejandro Velasco
  • Brandan Bremont
  • Dan Rowland
  • Heiko Jacob
  • Isaac Rancic
  • Jan Asberger
  • Jean-Paul Klintworth
  • Kevin Spencer
  • Lars Grams
  • Lauchlan Swann
  • Mauro Ferreiro
  • Minh Ha
  • Raphaël Nicolle
  • Reiya Yorukaze
  • Ryan Miles
  • Sascha Jedlicka
  • Taylor Smith
  • Tommy Roark

T H A N K S !

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