Ravings of a Lunatic #20: The States of the Game

Sorry I haven’t tossed out an article in a while.  I just opened a second store and had all of the end of the year stuff that goes with having a business.

This time out will be total self-promotion though, sorry for that in advance. 

The first thing to start doing is to talk about the state of the game.  It seems to be in a good place.  It had some growth in the last year+ and it seems to be popping up in a few more places, at least in the US.  I’m not as informed when it comes to the other places like our Editor and Chief is.  In any case, I am assuming it is slowly creeping its way up in more areas than I am aware of.

The recent announcement from Eye Spy that updated the Wanderer banned list was exciting, as were the last couple months of Promos.  Game of Gods has been favorably received as well.  These are both good things and personally I think that the player base has much more faith in Eye Spy, as I had previously mentioned about all the things that they’ve been doing well, despite a perceived lack of communication.

And those World’s promos are sick.  So is the new judge promo.  We keep getting all this goodness, why wouldn’t people want to play.

What kind of hack would I be doing all this advocating and such if I didn’t put my money where my mouth is?  With that being said, now that I am in a solid position with my stores, which both run Force of course, I am teaming up with Ruler School to help out stores that want to give Force a try or return to it. I’m going to be offering stores in the USA an Organized Play kit.  I hate the fact that I have to charge for it, but shipping ain’t cheap, but for $20 I’ll send a Medium Priority Box with 8 play mats (random) and 400 promo cards (4 packs of 100) and maybe more, depending on what I have available.   It’s a heck of a deal.

I mean I’ll be totally honest, aside from loving the game and wanting to see it grow, I am also looking to make money off the game.  Within a month or two I will be able to say with high confidence that I’ll be one of the largest if not the largest Force of Will singles dealer out there.  We currently have 125,000 singles available at, but soon the plan is to have over a quarter of a million cards.  After a few deals and cracking some more boxes our inventory is ridiculous.  But thing have to be sorted and inventoried, that takes time.

I am so confident about it that I have even stopped all other singles in my stores to focus on Force of Will.  I see the singles market as one of the biggest indicators of the health of a game, and the fact I was able to open a 3000 square foot store with what I made as being an online Force dealer for less than two years should show that the game is doing well.  In fact, less than six months later I opened a second store that is 1200 square feet.  So, all those nay sayers and trolls can just get lost.

Don’t go getting any ideas though, I will say that one doesn’t make a lot of money from selling singles of Force for a few sales.  You have to do volume and have the inventory.  We are still a cheap game.  I do well because I have a lot of the cards, not much high-end stuff, that goes fast and is hard to replace fast.  But when someone needs something that isn’t all flashy and such, I likely have it.  So, I get a lot of $5 to $10 orders that might have 20+ cards in them.  After shipping and fees there isn’t a lot of profit, but do that 10-20 times a day and it adds up, and those are slow days.

Force is not a backpack dealers game, it might be some day, but not right now.

Once the covid spikes subside there is a nice space for events as well.  We have enough stuff to make it worth anyone’s while that would travel to our little place in Hicksville.

This one will be kind of short, sorry about that.  I will eventually get back to some finance stuff, but the sets I still have to cover as still new and I prefer to wait some time before going into those. 

In order for a store to get the swag box they’ll need to email me at [email protected].  We will only send to an actual store though, so address etc etc. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Dan Rowland
Top Scrub

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