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Lars Grams’ Deck Tech Series – “Atom Deus”


Hello again Rulers,

Here we go again with the second Deck Feature from the newest expansion. This time I present to you: Deus Ex Machina, God From Future Dimension (GRL-078) // Order of the Future (GRL-078J), one of our two Tales Rulers from our newest expansion “Game of Gods: Reloaded”. You can also check out the first deck feature with Shiva here.

Atom Deus

This deck will is a special take on an atom deck, while not only taking advantage of playing machines, but also having some mill capabilities to fill our graveyard faster with atoms. It might not be very competitive, but can surely catch people off guard (if they have not read this article). There are also some other nice interactions possible with the new cards, but we will go more into detail on those later, here comes the decklist first.


Lars GramsDeus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina, God From Future Dimension (GRL-078) //
Order of the Future (GRL-078J)

Magic Stone Deck: (10)
3x Magic Stone of Atoms (ADW-096)
2x Magic Stone of Knowledge (ADW-098)
1x Magic Stone of Tides (ADW-100)
4x The Magic Stone of the Six Sages (MSW-102)

Resonators: (22 of 40)
3x Ayu, Multidimensional Wanderer (GRL-006)
1x Deep Blue Soldier (GRL-009)
2x Atomic Bahamut (ADW-016)
4x Tiny Violet (ADW-029)
4x Violet, Flame of Providence Distortion (TST-022)
1x Improved Healing Robot (ADW-037)
1x Spirit of Knowledge (MSW-046)
4x Scheherazade, Weaver of Fairy Tales (MSW-059)

Chants: (16 of 40)
1x White Garden (ADW-015)
2x Gradius (ADW-022)
2x The Second Boon: Tachyon, Holy Atom (TST-021)
2x Deus Ex Machina Enters the Game of Gods (GRL-028)
1x Everfrost (ADW-033)
1x Unity of the Machine Knights (GRL-038)
2x Eternal Wind (ADW-049)
1x Aegis (ADW-076)
1x Brave Force (ADW-078)
2x Knight of Knights (GRL-079)
1x Magical Loveliness (ADW-086)

Additions: (2 of 40)
1x Atomic Reactor (ADW-019)
2x Titor’s Gimmick (GRL-037)
1x Altesing’s Secret Hideout (EDL-059)

Side Deck: -incomplete-
1x Rogue Spectator (GRL-021)
1x Knowledge From the Future (GRL-031)

How to win

The idea of this deck is quite simple, we try to get 5 Atoms into your graveyard and win with Atomic Bahamut (ADW-016). There are some nice card interactions in here, which I believe will also be viable for other combo decks, but for this list I decided to focus around Atoms, also because Tiny Violet (ADW-029) and Violet, Flame of Providence Distortion (TST-022) are machines, which can get their enter ability retriggered for one blue will with Knight of Knights (GRL-079).

Key cards and play lines

Key cards besides our Tiny Violet (ADW-029), Violet, Flame of Providence Distortion (TST-022) and Atomic Bahamut (ADW-016) are cards that help mill cards. One of the best cards for that job is Titor’s Gimmick (GRL-037), which mills the top two cards of our deck. It also taxes our opponent cards, they want to play with one extra will cost during our turn, which might be helpful to not get disrupted.

Another keycard is Scheherazade, Weaver of Fairy Tales (MSW-059). We can order her and tap our Ruler to get a 1-cost resonator and addition at the same time from the deck. She will also turn into a machine, thanks to Deus Ex’s ability. So if we want to mill cards, we can fetch Titor’s Gimmick (GRL-037) and Tiny Violet (ADW-029) for example. If we want to go more aggressive, we can take Unity of the Machine Knights (GRL-038) to choose Tiny Violet and Scheherazade, to make sure they dont get removed. Or if we want to go for the finishing blow we can get Altesing’s Secret Hideout (EDL-059) to protect our board with Spirit of Knowledge (MSW-046) to search for Atomic Bahamut (ADW-016).

Lots of possibilities as you can see. And another nice trick is, that the game remembers, that Scheherazade, Weaver of Fairy Tales (MSW-059) was awakened, so if we play Knight of Knights (GRL-079) on her, we get the resonator and the addition for only one will (if she is ordered and therefore a machine).

Another strong start with energize is the following:

We order Ayu, Multidimensional Wanderer (GRL-006) call a green stone and then cast an awakened Scheherazade, Weaver of Fairy Tales (MSW-059). She can then also grab the Deep Blue Soldier (GRL-009) which can put a light regalia into the field, which we can use as a will-source thanks to Ayu. Soldier is also some kind of free discard fodder, since it comes back to hand everytime a J-Ruler enters our field.

In general Ayu, Multidimensional Wanderer (GRL-006) and Deep Blue Soldier (GRL-009) are in the deck, to generate card advantage, because Ayu can still use her draw ability, even if she is not ordered. Another nice way to draw extra cards is Knowledge From the Future (GRL-031), which we can play for only one will from the sideboard, to draw two cards thanks to our Ruler.


The deck is more like a casual combo deck and the surprising face of your opponent, when you play Atoms in Deus Ex Machina, God From Future Dimension (GRL-078), is always worth a try at locals. Try to hide your gameplan as long as possible. The deck has the potential to get 5 Atoms or more to the graveyard (Remember you can also banish Magic Stone of Atoms (ADW-096)) in a single turn and win with a Atomic Bahamut (ADW-016), before your opponent even knows what your gameplan is about. Make use of that surprise effect.

Ending words

This deck is way more casual compared to the Shiva list before. But I wanted to also present some less competetive decks for casual local play during this series too.

For the next deck, we might move a bit more into the competetive realm again, and focus our attention on another Villain ruler. Stay tuned.

Also good luck for everyone playing the North American GP next Weekend. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate in the last one myself, but maybe next time i can change that. Have fun and again good luck for the 12th/13th March.

Cheerz Lars

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