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Milan and Poissy Wanderer Tournament Report || Tier List Update || Force of Will TCG

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Hey everyone! I currently work for the FoW space primarily as a Head Judge for North American (NA) company sanctioned events. Before I became a Judge, I participated in and topped multiple Grand Prixs throughout the NA region in the 2017 and 2018 seasons. I even got 5th at Worlds 2018! I stay up to date with metas and information for the game despite the fact that I rarely play anymore.

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  • Great tier list and report. You mentioned 2 sub par decks that would make interesting fodder for wanderer wednesday. One was Magna. I have been playing with using Rezzard and Healing Gimmick to draw the whole deck and gain infinite life. Win cons have been Amon or Guinevere Mobility Queen gaining swiftness from Azazel. I’d like to see your take on Magna. The other was Aimul. I have been using a list that is eerily similar to the Lumia / Final Stance deck that just showed up. The reason for Aimul was the obvious flute benefit you mentioned but she also works well with the new Brunhild to bring out a Final Stance. I would be interested in seeing your take on an Aimul deck too.

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