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New Ruler Deckbuilding: Typhon 100 || Force of Will TCG

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Hey everyone! I currently work for the FoW space primarily as a Head Judge for North American (NA) company sanctioned events. Before I became a Judge, I participated in and topped multiple Grand Prixs throughout the NA region in the 2017 and 2018 seasons. I even got 5th at Worlds 2018! I stay up to date with metas and information for the game despite the fact that I rarely play anymore.


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  • Thank you for another great video. I know Echidna is amazing in this deck but it would be interesting to see someone choose Tales instead of Villains. Oborozuki Vampire Astrologer and Gill Lapis have some useful abilities here. The other card you could use is Hades, the Fourth Olympian. I am probably wrong but I think the timing is that if you order the hades, you could play a typhons heart by revealing it then hades hits the field and can remove its abilities and destroy it so you gain life but don’t lose the game. It’d just be funny to add more consistency to using more Typhon”s Hearts. True black ribbon is another one but doesn’t seem worthwhile.