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Wanderer Wednesday: Aimul Beasts || Force of Will TCG

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Hey everyone! I currently work for the FoW space primarily as a Head Judge for North American (NA) company sanctioned events. Before I became a Judge, I participated in and topped multiple Grand Prixs throughout the NA region in the 2017 and 2018 seasons. I even got 5th at Worlds 2018! I stay up to date with metas and information for the game despite the fact that I rarely play anymore.


  • Thank you for fulfilling the Aimul request. Your take was very creative and fun. Your use of Magana’s Guardian Beast resulted in a question after I had a series of absurd thoughts. I thought it’d be funny to fetch Artillerist of Faith and Dark Alice Rabbit Princess or another artillerist. Have a 10 drop in your hand to discard, this example being Lumia, Saint of World Awakening. Can I choose to discard Lumia on the 10 cost side off the artillerist’s enter trigger? Next, if I play Brunhild, Sign of Faith, can I put Lumia’s 10 cost side on the field?

    I ‘ve always wanted to do something goofy with Lumia, Saint of World Awakening. Such as use Yggdrasil’s Grace to flicker her every turn to stay at 4k health by returning Yggdrasil’s Grace to hand off Lumia’s enter ability.

    • Unfortunately in both your cases it would only be able to refer to the front or Past side of Shift Lumia. In all zones except the chase and the field all information regarding Shift cards only takes the front side into account.

      If you were to flicker it for example it would come back into play on the front side even if it was originally in play on the back side

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