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Wanderer Wednesday: Selesta || Force of Will TCG

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Hey everyone! I currently work for the FoW space primarily as a Head Judge for North American (NA) company sanctioned events. Before I became a Judge, I participated in and topped multiple Grand Prixs throughout the NA region in the 2017 and 2018 seasons. I even got 5th at Worlds 2018! I stay up to date with metas and information for the game despite the fact that I rarely play anymore.


  • Thank you for another excellent wanderer wednesday. Selesta was a great choice. Just curious, what did you think of using Alice, Zeus Incarnate as a Treasure?

    • I always forget about Zeus Alice when making tribe/race based decks lol. That being said, you could add her in but token copies of cards on the chase cease to exist when they leave the chase. So even though you could remove her you wouldn’t be able to put her into play with Selesta’s ability

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