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Wanderer Wednesday: Machina Antibody || Force of Will TCG

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Hey everyone! I currently work for the FoW space primarily as a Head Judge for North American (NA) company sanctioned events. Before I became a Judge, I participated in and topped multiple Grand Prixs throughout the NA region in the 2017 and 2018 seasons. I even got 5th at Worlds 2018! I stay up to date with metas and information for the game despite the fact that I rarely play anymore.


  • Thank you very much for responding to my other comments. You were very helpful and informative.

    Just like infinite matchsticks, I feel like there is a divinity ruler using harvesting season as a rune to get an early massive buff on typhon’s antibodies.

    I have 2 wanderer wednesday requests for you if they interact the way I believe.

    1. Using Deus Ex Machina, God of Machines with a ruler like Zero, Apprentice Sage (and any other tag). Idea being that Zero would start you off with 10 +100 counters. Welser can add more, etc… Deus Ex could double those early and be abused to trigger things like starlit canopy and reiya spawn of the star.

    2. Using Rezzard, Attoractia’s Leading Doctor and Healing Gimmick to draw lots of cards and gain lots of life then do something to close out the game.

    • I’ll keep the ideas around for potential decks! The Rezzard/Healing Gimmick combo was a well known infinite using Magna as a ruler but it was before I started making regular videos. Using Deus Ex with Zero is very creative so I’ll look forward to working with it!

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