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Games N Geek Discord AGP 03.2023

Games N Geek Discord AGP 03.2023

March 11, 2023

It is time again for another online Grand Prix with an invite to compete in the upcoming World Grand Prix in Japan on July 9th - 11th!!
This is a WANDERER event, and you MUST have the physical cards to play in the event.
This will be held on discord and will have easy access command prompts for judge calls, . If you do not think you have enough equipment for the set up, remember you can simply make a second account for your phone, and use it as a webcam!
We will be running the event on March 11th and the top 8 finishing out the event on the 12th!! This event has a plethora of prizes and promo cards!!!
1st gets an invite (unsponsored) to compete in the world grand prix in July in japan, A GOLD metal Aristella / excalibur chronogear!!
2nd gets gets a SILVER Aristella / excalibur chronogear!
3rd Gets a BRONZE Aristella / excalibur chronogear!
Top 3 ALSO get a Very rare and cool Force of will art book!!
Top 8 will also receive A gold uber copy of Aristella / Excalibur chronogear!
Top 42 players will ALL get FIVE additional promos! They are the following:
Fiethsing, 100 years Wizardry
Lucifer, defeated one wing
Misteltein, dark sword saint
Isis heat of the sand
titor, emissary of the future
TOP 64 players will ALSO receive a GP promo Geryon card!
And ALL players will receive a GP promo Fallen angel of fiery vengeance AND two different March monthly FOW Promos TBA!
All you need is a deck and a web cam!
Entry fee for the event will be $35.
To purchase your entry please go to:
The official discord channel is:
We are sorry to say, but this event is only for players located in the United States.
We are sorry about this but we need to do this at this point in time.
TIP FOR THE EVENT! As this is an Online event held on our discord channel, you are required to use a web cam, And to prevent cheating we must have a rule where if your video stream is cut or disconnects we MUST issue you a game loss as we can not verify boardstate, deck order, Hand contents...etc. IN ORDER TO AVOID THIS YOU MUST have a secondary recording device (like a phone of camera) recording your space, if you drop connection, once you come back you can show your secondary recording device to the judging staff and as long as they can verify that your gamestate has not been changed, you will be allowed to continue without Gameloss error. You are not required to do this, but if you do you you are taking on the risk on internet connection issus causing you a game loss.
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