Grand Prix Online Event

Grand Prix Mexico (Discord)

Grand Prix Mexico (Discord)

May 20, 2023 May 21, 2023

Registration FOW GP 2023 Mexico
Fill in the required information, then you will receive the information to make the registration payment within a period of no more than 3 days, if you filled out your form and have not received the payment information, contact the email [email protected], send a proof of your payment to the email [email protected] , then you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions so that your registration is valid.

The tournament format is Wanderer.

The entrance cost is 400 MXN.

This is an official Force of Will event, it will take place VIRTUALLY through a Discord server, so you need to have the right equipment and physical cards to participate.

Rewards are sent after the end of the event, all participants have to complete their registration to participate and receive rewards, this process is completed by email.

Any questions regarding your participation please send it to the email [email protected] with the subject "Doubts to Participate"

Discord (online)

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