Grand Prix

Grand Prix Milano Comics and Games 2023

Grand Prix Milano Comics and Games 2023

May 14, 2023

Win Invitation, Travel and Accommodation for the WGP!

The  Grand Prix  is ​​giving away an  Invitation ,  Air Travel and  Accommodation  to  the 2023 World Grand Prix .

Event Type:


The Grand Prix is ​​a tournament open to all Force of Will players.


Built Wanderer


Milan Comics and Games
c/o Malpensa Fiere
Via XI Settembre 16
Busto Arsizio (VA)

To participate in this event , each participant must be equipped with:

- a tournament-legal Force of Will Constructed Wanderer deck; - a smartphone connected to the internet with the
appinstalled (a Wi-Fi connection will be made available at the venue of the tournament);


Information and timetables:

Sunday 14 May 2023

Registrations :

You can only register online by purchasing the appropriate ticket directly from your  Player Area on the website or via the app.
It will not be possible to register on site and only players who have purchased the ticket through the appropriate function will be admitted.
Player Briefing and Tournament Start

  • Sunday 14 May at 10:30

Registration fee:

Basic Registration Cost : 35.00 euros (Includes a copy of the following cards: World2023-001 ,  RL2305 and WL039 )

Premium Membership Cost : 70.00 euros (Includes two copies  of the following cards: World2023-001 ,  RL2305 and WL039 )

Participants in the event also get free access to the Milano Comics and Games fair : one of our representatives will deliver a free pass to each event subscriber.

Foreign Players
Foreign players can't register by using their original FoW ID.
If you are a foreign player, please register directly from the 
FoWTCG Guest Area: if you don't already have a Guest FoW ID, you may create a new one from the same page.

A number of Swiss rounds will be held based on the number of participants. At the end of the rounds, a TOP8 Single Elimination Playoff will be played to determine the winner.

Required Decklist

You will need to have the FoW ID and use the Deckbuilder from the Player Area of ​​the site to create and submit your list before the start of the tournament.

If you do not have a FoW ID, you can create one by clicking HERE.

Mode and Duration of Swiss Shifts

Each Swiss round lasts 60 minutes  with Best of Three Matches.

The  Grand Prix  is ​​a competitive tournament and we encourage players to carefully read the following three official documents:

General Tournament Policy
Specific Floor Rules
Penalty Guidelines


A guaranteed minimum prize pool of 2 packs per participant  will be split among the top 16 players in the tournament.

TOP 64 -  The top 64 players will each receive a copy of the special  World2023-004 card Alice, Zeus Incarnate

TOP 48 -  The top 48 players will each receive a copy of the following special cards: WPR2022-001, WPR2022-002, WPR2022-003, WPR2022-004 and WPR2022-005

TOP 8 -  The top 8 players will each receive a Special Super-Exclusive Excalibur Chronogear Gold Card

TOP 3 -  The best 3 players will also receive a Super-Exclusive Special Card Metallic Card Aristella, Twin Prince  (gold for the first place, silver for the second and bronze for the third) .

1st Place : The winner of the event gets  an Invitation ,  Air Travel and  Accommodation  for  the 2023 World Grand Prix .

Milan Comics and Games
Via XI Settembre 16
Busto Arsizio, Varese

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